Why all businesses should be thinking about apps for 2020

In the modern era it is key that your business exists across multiple channels and with nearly all of the world’s adults having a smartphone it is a great opportunity to market to them in the form of a mobile app.

Mobile apps are seen as one of the most powerful tools for making contact with a target audience and generating sales.

This is why I believe that no matter what your business sells or does it should have an app to accompany it.

This article demonstrates the top reasons why:

Customer loyalty

Having an app that enables customers to book slots, purchase items and pay on the app gives you a powerful tool to increase customer loyalty.
The ability to offer people that have downloaded the app special promotions and the ability to send them personalised pop up notifications creates a more personal relationship with the customer who then feels like you are treating them specially.

It also gives customers a 24/7 portal to information about your business and this constant interaction with a brand increases customer loyalty which in turn stimulates sales.

Valuable analytics

Mobile apps allow you to collect a large range of valuable analytics such as which products your customers are most frequently looking at, which products they seem most interested in and loads more.

You can also use apps to develop an in depth demographic for your business allowing you to focus on a very specific group of people to target ads to.

Itunes Analytics page

As well as this seeing how people interact with your brand on an app allows you to see what people do and don’t like about your business which can help you develop and push your business to the next level.


Having an app attracts attention to your business and expands your potential audience of customers as well as allowing you to develop a trusting relationship with them.

Having an app allows you to advertise in a whole new way to a whole new audience of people.

After this audience is created on the app you have your own marketing stream and can then use the app further to convert app users into paying customers. It also gives you a platform you can use for market research, surveys or giveaways.

When developing your app you need to research which platform to develop for as the audience of each platform is very different.


With an audience of people now interested in your business who use your app you can now use promotions, discounts and push notifications to motivate people to buy certain products from you not to mention as you now have a rough location for the users of your app you can now offer events and advertise specifically to the people near the event location.

Audience building

With an app there is now one more platform in which your business can establish relationships with customers no matter where they are in the world. There is no need to fight with feed space on Instagram or trying to get noticed on your users timeline on Facebook your users don’t even have to remember a web address to find your business they have the app which is solely content you choose already installed on their devices.

In conclusion

The combination of a website and a mobile app mean that no matter where and audience is searching for your business they can find you.

The analytics opened up to you by having an app give your business a massive advantage over competitors and allow you to change what people don’t like about your business and learn from what people do like.

Having an app opens up your business to the world and gives you great opportunities to expand which is why we think that it is useful for any business to have.

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