What are the best android apps for media companies?

While running my media company I have come across a whole range of apps that help me with anything from social media, to web development in this post I am going to go through my favourite android apps.

Google keep (Android / IOS / Website)

One of my most used apps on my phone is google keep. It allows me to keep complex to-do lists sorted by labels and colour coordinated for organisation.

Google Keep app

One of the main ways I stay focused and organised when completing a project whether that is for a client, my business or my personal life is by following a to-do list.

After trying many different apps to keep to-do lists, mainly any.do and Trello I found google keep to be the most useful for me. I especially love its integration into google calendar.

This app is available online and for IOS and Android meaning, I can access the same to-do list on all my devices and have it update across them which is especially useful.


I find storylight incredibly useful for quickly making Instagram highlight covers. I use the covers as it makes a page look way more professional.

StoryLight - An app for making Instagram story highlight covers

The app allows for a ton of customisation with different icons, borders and backgrounds to choose from. And most importantly it’s free!!!

In Tags

inTags is a really useful app that allows you to generate the most popular hashtags related to your niche.

In Tags Android App

I usually use the app every couple of times I post to make sure I have the most popular hashtags.

Google Play Console

Since starting Android app development this has been installed on my phone. it allows you to keep track of every aspect of your app from the number of downloads to which model of phone your app is currently installed on.

It’s an incredibly useful app and I highly suggest that if you have an app on the google play store that you install this app.

Adobe XD ( IOS / Android )

Another incredibly useful app for app development is Adobe XD, this app allows you to prototype your Adobe XD desktop designs in a mobile environment. I use this just to see how my app would look as well as to give clients a useful look into how the app will act and look on a device which is way more effective that just showing images on a laptop or in an email.

Google My Business ( Android / IOS / Web)

This app is a great way of getting your business out there on Google as well as allowing your business to appear in google maps with the ability to add FAQ’s, reviews, images and in-depth descriptions. Google My Business also adds to your SEO and often sites appear higher up in google search rankings by using it.

Pages Manager ( Android / IOS )

If you have a page on Facebook then this app is definitely going to help you out. Everything in your page can be done through this app and it is especially useful to be able to see your page insights in their own app.

Google Calendar ( Android / IOS )

Google Calendar doesn’t really need an explanation here but I’ll just say that this app is by far the best calendar app out there in my opinion and I love it.

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