VPN’s: Are they as safe as they let on?

After the recent breach in security at NordVPN it leaves many frequent users of these services wondering, are they as safe as they let on? NordVPN reached out to the media ensuring that no personal details of any users had or could be accessed and that no one’s data was even saved by the company, but it calls into question how easily a company trusted with the safety of keeping a user anonymous can be infiltrated and exploited.

VPN’s are frequently used nowadays to protect your anonymity when browsing the web as well as allow you to bypass censorship, which is common with people in china who want to access the entire internet without restrictions and other things such as American Netflix if you live in the UK. VPN’s are becoming more and more common worldwide and this makes a security breach even more worrying as it can potentially put at risk not only people’s personal details but their jobs and even freedoms. Many journalists and activists, when in hostile states, use VPN’s to mask their communications and internet history, especially in China where if you are caught accessing anti-government websites you can face penalties. So, despite the breach not resulting in any leaking of information, it reveals an increased lack of internet safety.

Not all is bad however, NordVPN, as stated already, confirmed that the hack didn’t put anyone’s data at risk and assured people that their servers saved no passwords or personal information. As well as this there are many other VPN companies and so news of the hack should not prevent anyone from considering using a VPN however you should know going in that there may, as with most things, be potential risks and hazards attached.

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